eDev II Electronic Tunnel Blasting Sytem

The eDev™ II Electronic Tunnel Blasting System offers one of Orica’s exciting Next Generation technologies. The system consists of eDev™ II Electronic Detonator, Blast box 61, Scanner 120/125/260, Test Box and duplex harness wire.

Application and Key Benefits

eDev™ II system is designed specifically for use in civil tunnels and mine development, including shaft sinking.

Electronic timing has been shown to drastically reduce vibration in tunnels. It also provides overbreak control.

eDev II System can be programmed upto 20.000 ms by 1 ms increases.

It must be stored in dry, well ventilated, approved magazines.

Class Code 1.1 B, UN. No.0030

Class Code 1.4 S, UN. No.0456