i-kon II Electronic Blasting System

i-kon II Electronic Blasting Sysytem comprises i-kon II Electronic Detonator, i-kon Logger (assign and record delay times and test ), i-kon™ Blasters 400 & 2400S (high security firing system), i-kon™ SURBS (Surface Remote Blasting System), i-kon™ CEBS (Central Blasting System for underground).

Additionally, this system is compatible with SHOTPLUS blasting design software.

Application and Key Benefits

i-kon™ II is the most advanced electronic detonator in the market which is specially designed for surface and underground applications.

i-kon™ II Electronic Detonator can be programmed upto 30.000 ms by 1 ms increases.

It must be stored in dry, well ventilated, approved magazines.

Class Code 1.1 B, UN. No.0030

Class Code 1.4 S, UN. No.0456