OSEIS Seismic Electronic Initiating System

Oseis™ Seismic Electronic Initiating System is specifically designed for use in oil and gas explorations. It provides a trouble free circumstance at all climate conditions. This system is being used with Oseis™ Detonator, Test Box, Shooter and Project Management Software.

Application and Key Benefits

Oseis™ Electronic Detonator is designed for use in seismic explorations. It is very safe and irresponsive to voltage, static electric or electro magnetic fields.

Oseis™ Electronic Detonator provides a safe initiation of cap sensitive explosives even at low temparature conditions. It can be kept in the blasthole  (as not initiated) at all kind of conditions for a long periods.

It must be stored in dry, well ventilated, approved magazines.

Class Code 1.4 B, UN. No.0255