Unitronic 600 Electronic Blasting System

The uni-tronic™ 600 Electronic Blasting System offers one of Orica’s exciting Next Generation technologies. The system consists of unitronic Electronic Detonator, Blast box 310 (with bluetooth) and 310R (with wireless remoting fire), Scanner 120/125/200, Test Box and duplex harness wire.

Application and Key Benefits

uni-tronic 600 Detonators offers blasting solutions for all kind of open pit mining operations specially for small and mid scale open pit coal mines, quarry operations and construction pits.

The environmental effects are being minimized by the blastings done with unitronic 600 Detonators.

uni-tronic 600 Electronic Detonators  can be programmed upto 10.000 ms by 1 ms increases.

It must be stored in dry, well ventilated, approved magazines.

Class Code 1.1 B, UN. No.0030

Class Code 1.4 S, UN. No.0456